The Cloudpainter's Handbook

Welcome to my tutorial eBook page. This venture is a way of me putting out there some of the ideas I have developed concerning the painting of clouds.
  • The first two chapters, 'cumulus'- Oils and Watercolour, will be emailed to you immediately, the rest will be emailed when they're completed. By joining my venture, you're welcome to suggest improvements, subjects and ideas along the way, just get in touch.
  • The chapters are presented in a sketchbook format, non linear in appearance. The eye and hand is free to skip and scan over the text and images as you paint.
  • The series will cover various cloud genera and how I paint them in both Oils and Watercolour.
  • Free to subscribers
  • Free occasional blog digest with tips and offers regarding my painting practice and the tuition given herein.
Wes Martin
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